I LOVE ASSIGNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No I just bluffing hehe…actually I just trying to
console myself as for the technology course, we already got our assignment…HHOOOORREEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!

When Dr.Raja Maznah told us that she wanted to give
briefing about the assignment, I felt like I wanted to shout “Dr. Raja, can you give us a break…it’s only the second

But as Dr. Raja Maznah explained more about the
assignment I became really thrilled and excited (this time it’s for real hehe).
For the assignment, we have to create a 3-minutes video clip which can deliver
a message and leave an impact. Isn’t it interesting???? Create a video clip for
the children…at first I thought that it would be quite difficult for me as I
don’t have any experience in creating any video clip but as I got the clear explanation
from Dr. Raja Maznah, I started to have ideas in my mind on how to do the
assignment. Furthermore, example of the video clips from our seniors which
shown by Ms. Ng really make me eager to do the assignment because the video
clips were so interesting and fantastic. I hope that I can create a better
video clip than that….

Not only that, we have to create the video clip
based on the 14-principles of learning. Now, that gave me some problem as I
don’t know how to relate the principle with the video clip. My principle is “THE DEVELOPMENTAL NATURE OF LEARNING”….what I
understand about this principle is that the conceptual development of the
children is cyclical process which they will have opportunities to revisit concepts,
information and skills that have already been acquired.

So, after I discuss with my group, I get some ideas
on how to portray this principle in our video clips. Hopefully, our video clips
will be bombastic…to all my friends, good luck in completing this assignment…I
know we can do it…