Principle: The Developmental Nature of Learning

Title: Shapes around us

Objectives: By the end of this video pupils will be able to:

                     Recognize the shapes and match them with the objects  

                     found in a classroom.

Target audience: Year 1 pupils

Prerequisite knowledge: Pupils already learn the shapes and know  

                                            their characteristics.

Description of the drafted video:

For this video, I am planning to record a real classroom condition. Firstly, I will show the viewers the classroom. Then, I am going to post a question to the viewers “What shapes can you see in this classroom?” After that, I will focus one by one object in the classroom that represents the shapes. For instance, I will focus on the blackboard. I will ask the viewers “What is this?” and pause a few seconds before shows the spelling of the objects to the viewers. After that I will ask another question “What is the shape of this object?” I will draw lines to represent the shapes of the objects so that the viewers can see it clearly. After a few seconds I will shows the spelling of the shapes. Lastly, I will show a sentence “Blackboard is rectangle”. I will repeat the same with a few objects found in the classroom.