Another class for technology = new knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week Dr. Raja Maznah started the class by giving us more
information and input on how to write the correct learning objectives. She said
that most of us are still don’t know how to write the correct learning
objectives for our video clip. So, she exposed us to TPACK approach
(Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge). Through this approach, she showed
to us that the learning objective should incorporate these three elements to
make it more meaningful and beneficial to the pupils. I never heard about this
approach before and I admit that this is something new for me. After a clear
explanation from Dr. Raja Maznah, I started to get better understanding on how
to write the learning objective.

After that, Ms. Marsyitah took the class and gave lecture on how
to make the story board for the video clip. From her lecture, I understand that
story board is like a complete storyline for the video clip. In this story
board, I can plan how to shoot the video and allocate time for each scene.  So, basically story board is a complete and
overall planning to create the video clip. Honestly, I never plan to do
something before. I prefer to do the task on the spot and of course things always
get messy and chaotic. So, I realize that it is so important to do the story
board because it will help me to create a better video clip.

Then, Ms. Ng continue the class by explaining about the colour tone in the video clip. She showed many example of good and bad usage of colour as the background for the video. Before this, I never think about this and I only take it for granted. But, after the lecture only I realize that the colour tone is important to ensure that the video clip not only beautiful but the most important thing is that it can be watched clearly by the viewers. The input that i get really help me to produce a better video clip.

Hopefully everything will go as I plan…INSYAALLAH…..