This week, Dr.Chin exposed to us to the two models to help us in making a good video clip for our assignment….

The first model is ASSURE model…
Analyze learners 
State objectives 
Select instructional methods, media, and materials 
Utilize media and materials 
Require learner participation 
Evaluate and revise

and the second model is ADDIE model…..

Before this, I never know that these models are exist. But, after Dr.Chin had exposed me to these model, I started to have a clearer picture on how to do my video clip…
These models also help me to be more  systematic in planning and creating the video clip which is very good to avoid any mistake and also save time in the process of making it….

After that, Ms. Marsyitah took over the class and she asked about the progress of our storyboard…
Then, she asked us to sit in our group and discuss about the storyboard…
I had made the storyboard for my video…
I know that my drawing was terrible but it didnt matter as long as I can see the flow of my video….
But, there are many things that  need to consider so that I can produce a good 3minutes video..
So, wish me luck and see you next week…tata