What have you learn from the feedback given by your friends/

Honestly, I have learnt a lot from the
feedbacks that I get from my friends. There were a lot of mistakes that I had
done in the video. I never realize about these mistakes before and I thought
that my video was good enough. So, all the feedbacks that I got really open my
eyes to view my video more critically. The biggest mistake that I had done is
that the main character which is the stickman was so dark and hardly can be
seen. Apart from that, the video was quite dull because I didn’t use the
background music. From the feedback from my friends, I am sure that I can
create a better video in the future.


How do you feel when your video was being commented by your peers
/ others?

I felt really grateful because my
friends willing to watch my video and leave constructive comments to help me
improve myself. Besides that, I also quite shocked because all the comments
make me aware about the mistakes that I had done in the video. So, thank you so
much to my friends that leave their comments. I really appreciate that.


What have you learn from the task (giving feedback to
your friends)?

I learn to view something more
critically and detect the strengths and weaknesses of the video. Besides that, I
learn to give feedback mannerly so that we don’t hurt our friends’ feeling. I also
found out that this task really show us that “two heads is better than one”. Or
in this case, 73 heads is better than one. We can learn from each other to make
improve our self.


Were you able to pinpoint what errors / things
which your friends need to correct?

Yes, I was able to give comments about some errors
in my friends’ videos. The errors usually about the selection of font color,
the size of words in the dialogues and etc. hopefully, my comments will help my
friends to improve their videos.