This is my first entry in 2011. I think that it is still not too late to wish…..

May all of us will have a happier and prosperous live ahead..

In this post, I want to share my experience for the past 3 months during my teaching practice. I was sent to SK Jalan Sungai Besi (2). It is a small school with not more than 200 students and only 16 teachers. I was given the opportunity to teach the standard 4 students.

this is my students

Even though I had a small class, but still I had some difficulties to manage and control the students. I taught this class English and Mathematics  for the whole 3 months of my practicum. So, everyday they would see my face in their class.  I tried to vary my teaching style to avoid them from getting bored. I used a lot of teaching aids such as flashcards and pictures to make the lesson more interesting. But, I did not use ICT in the classroom. WHY??????

I realize that ICT is really useful to help students in their learning. I know that the usage of ICT in class can benefits the students in many ways. But unfortunately there were some limitations that prevent me from using ICT  in my class.

There were no LCD projector in the school. There was a LCD projector but unfortunately it was broken. So, I had to use other materials to teach the class as there were no tool to use the ICT in the class. I had asked the teacher in the school why they did not apply the new LCD projector from the government. The teacher told me that it was quite difficult to get the fund from the government as the school is so small. I also could not use the computer lab as it was under maintenance. So, I really did not have the tool to implement ICT in the class. Sometimes, I felt pity for the students because they did not have the opportunity to learn using the ICT.

So, I had used song to teach the class. I brought my laptop to the class and play the song. I could see that the students were really enjoy it. They sang the song together and they really eager to participate in the lesson. I could see that ICT is really useful and important to make the lesson more fun and enjoyable.

From this experience, I could say that ICT is really important in the school. There are a lot advantages that we can get by using the ICT. I hope that I can use all these to teach my students in the future.