What will I do to change the ICT situation in the school? These are my wishes:

10. Allocate specific time to use ICT

Maybe it will be quite difficult at first to use the ICT in the school. So, school management could allocate specific time in the timetable for the teacher to use ICT. During this period, teachers can bring the students to the computer lab or doing activities using ICT.

9. Awareness campaigns

These campaigns are important to make the parents understand and realize the importance of ICT so that they will encourage their children to use it at home. When the children are getting familiar to use the ICT, they will have no problem to use it in the school.

8. Implement e-learning

Teachers should implement e-learning to conduct the teaching and learning activity in the classroom. Teachers can use blogs, word press, social networks and many more to conduct the class. This will make the class much more fun and enjoyable.

7. Set up the specialize team at the ministry

A specialize team should be set up at the ministry to monitor and administer the progress and development of ICT in the school. This team should consist of the officers from the ministry, teachers, and also the computer expertise.

6. Equip the school with ICT tools

Most of my friends had complaint about the lack of ICT tools in the school that prevent them from implementing the ICT in their class. So, I wish that all the school will be equipped with enough ICT tools so that this problem will not occur again in the future.

5. Provides training to the teacher

Some of the teachers are not really into these ICT things. So, they need to attend courses or seminars to give them some input and knowledge about ICT.

4. Create e-curriculum

Students do not have to carry heavy books anymore to the school. All the exercises, textbooks and notes have being programmed in the students’ laptop.

3. ICT-experts in every school

Each school should have an ICT-expert. This person will be the advisor in any problem related to ICT and also become the leader of ICT in the school.

2. Make the internet available in school

Internet connection should be available in every school. This will give the students freedom to search for any information that they want. But, the internet connection should be secured to prevent the students from browsing the unwanted and wrong information.

1. Provides all teachers and students with laptop

This may be look quite ambitious but anything can be done. For example, Terengganu had given out free notebook to the students in the state. In the future, I hope that all the students in Malaysia can have the privilege to own their own laptop or notebook. We cannot deny the importance of having the laptop especially to use the ICT. Teachers also should have their own laptop as they are the agent to promote the ICT in the classroom.

These are my 10 wishlist. I promise to accomplish all of them if I have the power to do so.