Target learners: Standard 3 students

Focused skills: Speaking

Learning outcomes: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Talks about their interest and opinions
  2. Create their own “wild self”
  3. Talks about their “wild self”


  1. Teacher asks the students their opinion about certain animals. For instance, what do you think is the strongest animal? What is the most beautiful animal? What type of animal that you want to be? etc.
  2. Teacher let the students to express their own opinions.
  3. After that, teacher introduces parts of the animals: ears, face, arms, tails etc.
  4. Teacher then asks the students to open the software “Build You Wild Self”.
  5. Teacher explains to the students that they get the chance to create their own “wild self” using the software.
  6. Students can use different body parts from different animals based on own their creativity.
  7. Next, teacher will call the students one by one to the front to present about their “wild self”.
  8. Students need to explain why they want their “wild self” to be like that.
  9. For further activity, students can draw their “wild self” and label the body parts.
  10. Students can paste the drawing in the class.