Games can be very useful tool to teach the students

Games can make the lessons become so fun and enjoyable

Games can attract students’ attention to the learning


Peer feedback is essential to improve our selves

Feedback session can make us realize the strengths and weaknesses that we have

Feedback session can teach us to be more critical and analytical observers



Do the teachers have enough time to utilize the games and use them in the real classroom? There are so many factors that make teachers unable to use the game such as time constraints, tones of other works and attach to the syllabus.

Do the students are really learning using the games or they just enjoying themselves playing them and at the end they learn nothing?


Does the feedback given is really what they want to say? Some of us might say something nice just not to hurt our friends’ feelings


Do they know what they are saying? Some of us might not focus to the presentations and just simply give feedback to complete the task.


As a whole, I can say that the idea to utilize and use the games in the classroom is so brilliant. I am sure that the students will love to learn using the games. I also think that the feedback session was so proactive and productive as we can detect and realize our own strengths and weaknesses.